Health Comes First


             Peace be Upon you. Om Shanti. You or you relative has just been diagnosed with cancer and you have booked an appointment with Dr. Kamran Khan. Dr. Kamran Khan is one of the leading surgical oncologist of India having an experience of thirty years in the field of cancer surgery and treatment. He has wide experience in Breast Oncology, Gastrointestinal Oncology, Head and Neck Oncology, Gynaecological Oncology, Thoracic Oncology and Soft tissue tumours, Laparascopic and Robotic Surgery. Cancer surgery is constantly evolving and today we are in the era of minimally invasive and robotic surgery. Dr Kamran Khan heads one of the foremost laparoscopic and robotic surgery team in the country in surgical oncology. Cancer surgery involves tremendous team work and we pride ourselves as one of the leading teams in Asia pacific region.

         Before you come for your appointment please take care special to do the following:

1). If you are coming for the first consultation, please bring all your reports filed in order by date. This saves time and helps us evaluate you better. There is an extra charge if doctors must organise and search for your reports in a bag of unfiled papers and reports. It’s a good way to save money. First consultation charges are INR 2500/-. Reports shown on mobile phones will not be seen by doctor simply because it is not possible to read reports and evaluate the stage/ treatment of cancer accurately.

2). If you are a follow up patient, please bring the file and all reports of previous treatment filed in order by date. It translates into less wastage of time and better treatment for you. Follow up charges are INR 1500/-.

3). It is very important to bring the patient along for examination. An adequate appropriate opinion cannot be given without examining the patient. If you wish to only discuss reports without the patient, please understand that Dr. Kamran Khan will explain to you general guidelines of treatment and may not be able to give exact opinion on what should be done. Please DO NOT insist on an opinion without bringing the patient.

4). If you have already consulted another oncologist and are coming for a second opinion please bring all reports, patient and investigations duly filed in order by date.

5). It takes at least 20 years of working in the field of oncology   to understand oncology and to give an opinion. We welcome patients who want to know more about the disease and read up and want to discuss with Dr. Kamran Khan. Please do not make an attempt to understand your cancer from GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA and debate with the doctor. You will only confuse yourself, create problems and harm your patient.

6). We ask only for minimum investigations which are absolutely for your treatment. We also advise you where to do quality investigations at most reasonable cost. It will be immensely beneficial for you if you follow our instructions to the letter. The best investigations are not the cheapest or the closest to your residence. Please understand without good investigations you will get the wrong treatment/stage of  cancer and this will prove more expensive.

7). In cancer treatment the first chance is the best chance. Hence please put all your best efforts and resources to treat the cancer you have been detected with today. Do not hesitate to discuss cost of treatment openly with your Dr. Kamran Khan. Good treatment cannot be done without some expense, time and faith in your doctor.

8). We advise internationally recognised protocol driven, evidence based treatment which will be adviced to you in all leading centres of the world. It takes considerable effort, time and expense to stay up to date on the latest developments. You relatives, neighbours, cousins abroad, family friends will all give your advise on how to treat cancer. They are well meaning but follow their advice at your own risk.

9). There is no cure for cancer in alternative medicine. Cure or control is possible only with evidence based scientific treatment as agreed upon by the oncology community worldwide. We help you achieve this. Please help us to help you.

10). We wish you the best experience possible in treating your cancer. Remember its all about how strong you are going to be mentally during your treatment. You are always in our prayers so don’t forget to pray.

Peace be Upon you. Om shanti