The Covid Pandemic is a trying and testing period for the entire world. Some of the best helathcare syatems have collapsed in the world. At this time all Oncologists are facing the dual problem of dealing with a complex disease like cancer, the catastrophic Covid pandemic, rising costs of treatment, draconian government rules even while hospital staff and administration struggles to save lives while putting themselves at risk. Coming to the hospital at this time for cancer treatment is nothing short of having to go to the war front with soldiers. Don't worry we are here to guide you through the Covid crises and your cancer treatment.   But to do that your co- operation is absolutely essential. It will be easy for all if you follow all instructions of Dr Kamran Khan and do as much consultation and interaction online as possible. All payments. should also be done online on PAYTM no. 9820066043 or HDFC account number 00131000226923 ISFC Code HDFC0000013 before coming for the appointment. 

  1. Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms? Loss of smell / Loss of taste/ Fever/ Cough/ Body Ache/Sore Throat/ Diarrhoea/ any Travel history

2. Did anyone in the family test positive to Corona?

3. Any cases of Corona Positive in your building?    

4. There will be a triage at the gate and hospital authorities will decide whether to let you in. In case only the patient is allowed in please send the patient doctor will examine him/ her and the rest can be communicated on phone. 

5. You may be asked for a negative Covid report along with your Adhaar Card for Identification. Please message your doctor beforehand to see if it is needed.

Visitation Policy:

Please pay attention to some instructions that we would request you to comply with regarding the examination protocols due to Corona to safeguard everyone’s health

1. Kindly note that you should preferably come alone; if at all only one attendant. If any more accompany you, they will be asked to wait OUTSIDE the compound.

2. No car will be allowed to enter the compound

3. Examination time will be short and specific, so all questions asked by you should be brief with the staff and Doctors

4. You and attendant will be permitted ONLY if wearing a face mask, else will be sent back; no mask is given to you by our hospital

5. Please tie your hair back neatly and preferably not use hand jewellery

6. You will not use your mobile phone on the consultation floors/ rooms.

7. Please do not loitre in the hospital. Come in and go out immediately after consultation.

8.You will need to follow ALL the hospital protocols that have been put in place due to the Pandemic

Many cancer treatment protocols have changed in current scenario. We are best updated what should be done for our patients through latest international updates and webinars. Please do not try to consult online and question our decisions.

Thanking you for your patience and cooperation in these difficult times.

Dr. Kamran Khan